Field Day is Very Soon!

Field Day is less than two weeks away, June 25 to 26.

Any licensed Amateur is welcome to join the club’s Field Day effort.

We will have a special “Get On The Air” (GOTA) station to encourage Hams to do just that. If you are a Technician, licensed less than a year, or even someone without a license but interested in what Hams do, you can try operating on HF bands with support from a licensed and experienced coach.

You can also participate even if you don’t come to our Field Day site. WA6TST will be operating on VHF and UHF, so anyone with a transceiver can contact us. Even a dual band HT that can reach the area of the hospital can contact us on simplex frequencies, such as 146.52 and 446.00 MHz, as well as various bands and modes on HF.

Remember, give us a try between 11AM Saturday and 11AM Sunday, June 25 to 26.

By davew6dps

NAR 78668, Tripoli 15803, Level 2
Amateur Extra, W6DPS
Registered Ham Instructor and VE