Barstow Amateur Radio Club

We are a full service amateur radio club serving the Barstow, California, area.

We have two linked club repeaters that cover a wide area around Barstow. We also have a stand-alone repeater that covers the local Barstow area. All use the club callsign, WA6TST. See the BARC Repeater page for more information.

The linked repeaters are 147.180 (+600kHz, PL 151.4) and 147.885 (-600kHz, PL 151.4). The local machine is 146.970 (-600kHz, no PL).

The BARC check-in net is held on the linked repeater system on Tuesdays at 7:00PM local time, except the second Tuesday of the month.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM local time. Due to COVID-19 restrictions virtual meetings are currently held on the linked repeater system, with possible in person meeting locations as well. After restrictions are lifted we will announce resumption of normal meetings.

Latest from the Blog

Route 66 on The Air, Sept 12-20

This is the 14th year that BARC will be W6E. This is an annual special event to celebrate the history of the Mother Road. There are expected to be 21 special event (1×1) stations taking part in this year’s event, from Santa Monica to the Chicago area. These are the two ends of Route 66, […]

We are Setting Up a License Class

The Barstow Amateur Radio Club tries to have a license class at least once per year for those interested in getting a Technician License. With the COVID-19 restrictions this is more of a challenge than usual for 2020. Please let us know if you are interested, or know someone who is. There is a form […]

Remember VHF/UHF FM for Field Day

Many hams will be working from home for Field Day, and most have FM capabilities. Even with an HT it may be possible of make a number of contacts. Some suggested simplex frequencies: 146.49, 146.505, 146.52, 146.535, 146.55, 146.58, 146.595, 147.42, 147.435, 147.45, 147.465, 147.48, 147.495, 147.51, 147.525, 147.54, 147.555, 147.57, 147.585, 223.42, 223.44, 223.46, […]

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