Barstow Amateur Radio Club

We are a full service amateur radio club serving the Barstow, California, area.

We have two linked club repeaters that cover a wide area around Barstow. We also have a stand-alone repeater that covers the local Barstow area. All use the club callsign, WA6TST. See the BARC Repeater page for more information.

The linked repeaters are 147.180 (+600kHz, PL 151.4) and 147.885 (-600kHz, PL 151.4). The local machine is 146.970 (-600kHz, no PL).

The BARC check-in net is held on the linked repeater system on Tuesdays at 7:00PM local time, except the second Tuesday of the month.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM local time. Due to COVID-19 restrictions virtual meetings are currently held on the linked repeater system, with possible in person meeting locations as well. After restrictions are lifted we will announce resumption of normal meetings.

Latest from the Blog

FCC to Require Email Address

The FCC published a rulemaking notice that email addresses will be required on applications. When you include an email address they will send a link to an official copy of your license grant. You can also update your ULS listing with an email address when you log in. Effective on June 29, 2021, amateur radio […]

Updated FCC License Fees

The FCC issued an update to the NPRM for license application fees. On a slightly positive note, they said the fees will not apply to administrative updates, and are reduced from $50 to $35 for application fees. There is currently no implementation date, so fees will not start immediately. Going forward, the FCC will impose […]

Happy New Year!

Barstow Amateur Radio Club would like to extend a hearty Happy New Year to our members, friends, and followers! We hope everyone is healthy, and look forward to more normal operation when it is safe and prudent.

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