License Classes and Testing

The Barstow Amateur Radio Club plans to hold a Technician License Class at least once per year. We also will be holding classes to support upgrading to higher class licenses as needed. Due to the COVID-19 restriction this is more of a challenge in 2020 than in previous years, and we will be using Zoom.

Currently we have two Technician classes scheduled. One on four consecutive Monday evenings, 6PM to 9PM, starting September 21. The other on two consecutive Saturdays, Non to 6PM, starting September 26.

If you can commit to taking a class, or know someone who is, please fill out the form below. We will have two classes, one on four consecutive Monday evenings and the other on two consecutive Saturdays. These will be online, so it will be best to limit each class to 24 students. If there is still demand we can schedule another class or two.

Note that membership in BARC is not required, and we do not charge anything for the class. We will discuss testing options and online study resources.

The ARRL Technician License Manual is an optional, but recommended text. If ordered through the class instructor this manual is $24.71 plus shipping rather than the normal retail price of $32.95 plus shipping. This is the spiral bound version. There are also paperback and Kindle versions available. You may find it even cheaper on Amazon.