Updates and information about the club and activities. We will post information on a fairly consistent basis, and things come up.

License Classes

We have scheduled two online license classes in 2020 to help those interested prepare for the Technician class test. One class will be on for consecutive Monday evenings starting September 21. The other will be two consecutive Saturdays starting September 26. If you are interested, or know someone who is, there is more information and […]

FCC Proposes License Fees

The FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would reinstate application fees for amateur radio licenses. Currently the FCC does not charge a fee for our license applications. The fee would be $50 per license application in the Amateur Radio service. So initial license applications, renewals, applications to upgrade, and vanity callsign applications […]

Route 66 on The Air, Sept 12-20

This is the 14th year that BARC will be W6E. This is an annual special event to celebrate the history of the Mother Road. There are expected to be 21 special event (1×1) stations taking part in this year’s event, from Santa Monica to the Chicago area. These are the two ends of Route 66, […]

Remember VHF/UHF FM for Field Day

Many hams will be working from home for Field Day, and most have FM capabilities. Even with an HT it may be possible of make a number of contacts. Some suggested simplex frequencies: 146.49, 146.505, 146.52, 146.535, 146.55, 146.58, 146.595, 147.42, 147.435, 147.45, 147.465, 147.48, 147.495, 147.51, 147.525, 147.54, 147.555, 147.57, 147.585, 223.42, 223.44, 223.46, […]

Example for the 2020 Field Day form

An example and instructions for how to fill out the 2020 Field Day entry form are available via our event page, or you can link directly from here. If you have questions please bring them up during the weekly nets or use the Contact page or the reply link below to ask.

Field Day 2020 Rule Changes

With one month to go before 2020 ARRL Field Day, June 27 – 28, the ARRL Programs and Services Committee (PSC) has adopted two temporary rule waivers for the event: 1) For Field Day 2020 only, Class D stations may work all other Field Day stations, including other Class D stations, for points.Field Day rule […]

Remote VE Testing Approved

The FCC has agreed that remote testing for Amateur Radio licenses is valid, and the Greater Los Angeles Area Radio Group is setting up a remote testing system. Volunteer Examiners are being offered training, and several dates for online test sessions are scheduled for this month. They have added a page to the GLAARG website […]

Building slowly…

Added pages for repeater information and regular events. Also streamlined the home page a bit. As always, if you have comments please use the contact form.

A few corrections and additions

I corrected a number of things misspelled or just mistaken. I also added a link on the “About Us” page to the club by-laws and constitution. If there re more things you want to see, please use the contact page.

A new web site…

This is the start of a new beginning for the Barstow Amateur Radio Club web site. This site will be undergoing a lot of updates in the coming weeks as content is added. If you have suggestions of what you would like to see, please send your suggestion using the Contact page.

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