ARRL Field Day

Field Day is part emergency operating exercise and part contest. The most basic form of entry is to go to a literal empty field and set up a ham radio communication system that can demonstrate our ability to communicate across North America without the internet or commercial power.

There are a number of entry categories, based on the type of group participating and the number of transmitters operating simultaneously. BARC usually fields a club entry with 4 to 6 transmitters (4A, 5A, or 6A). Planning for Field Day 2021 is underway, and will continue until the event starts.

2021 ARRL Field Day is June 26-27

Our Objective

We will demonstrate that the Barstow Amateur Radio Club members can provide communication support cross the US and Canada without commercial power or internet access. We can contact fellow hams and pass messages when other communication paths are not available due to emergency or natural disaster.

Planning is underway for Field Day 2021, and will offer opportunities for all BARC members and all other interested hams to participate. The Field Day plan will be discussed on the Tuesday evening nets and at the Friday breakfasts until June 25.

Our History

Over the past decades the Barstow Amateur Radio Club has fielded communications systems at various locations. For 2021, Jim Alvord (KK6UHN) has volunteered to host the club station.

Due to COVID restrictions in 2020 we had a group of separate stations that combined scores as the BARC aggregated score entry. For 2021 we will be operating a more normal Class A Field Day station. Those with concerns about COVID, or other restrictions, can still operate their own station the same as last year. When sending the entry to the ARRL, simply include the club name “Barstow Amateur Radio Club”. These scores will be added to an aggregate score, which is separate from the Class A score.

Field Day 2021

2021 ARRL Field Day is June 26-27 Set up will begin at about 9AM and operation will begin at 11AM local time on Saturday. The event continues for 24 hours, until 11AM on Sunday.

Monitor this page and the Tuesday evening club net for developments. All hams in the Barstow area are invited to participate.