BARC has three repeaters on two meters. Two are normally linked and have pretty wide area coverage. The third is a stand-alone repeater covering the local area. All three use the club callsign: WA6TST

The local repeater is normally on 146.97 (-600) and is off the air due to being relocated to the Yermo area.

The linked repeater system combines for wide area coverage, but is currently being upgraded and is not currently linked.

On SR58, from I15 to nearly the 395. On I15 from south of Lenwood Road to Baker. I40 from I15 to well east of Ludlow. SR247 (Barstow Road) from Main Street to the ridge south of the Slash-X Ranch, including the off-highway vehicle area. There is also good coverage into the main areas of Fort Irwin.

The 147.180 (+600k, PL 151.4) machine is located at the Flash II site, north of Barstow.

The 147.885 (-600k, PL 151.4) is located on a peak south-west of Ludlow.

In addition, here is a file with the nearest regional repeaters listed. This list includes repeaters on 2 meters, 1-1/4 meters, and 70 centimeters. These are open access repeaters which have been verified on the air recently.