2020 Field Day Entry Recommendations

At the June, 2020, meeting the Barstow Amateur Radio Club voted to not have a club station as we normally do. This is due to the COVID-19 restrictions and concerns because a large percentage of our members are in the “vulnerable group” due to age or medical issues.

Each station will be a separate operation, and needs to file separately. This may be done using the paper form or online at:

These recommendations may be more clear if you refer to the example form, below.

Item 1: Field Day Call Used When you fill out the form you use your own call sign. Do not use the club call. If more than one ham is operating at that location, pick one call sign to operate under. For example, if my wife and I operate the same station we would pick one of our call signs to use. Leave the GOTA station call blank.

Item 2: Club or Group name For 2020 only, ignore the (Class A or F only). To aggregate scores everyone must enter the same club name, with the exact form. Capitalize each word and only one space in between: Barstow Amateur Radio Club

Item 3: I the number of licensed amateurs operating the station. If you are by yourself, it is one (1). If you and a spouse, then two (2), Etc.

Item 4: The number of transmitters operated at the same time. If you use more than one transmitter, but only one at a time this is one (1). If I operate one and my wife operates another at the same time, that is two (2). Etc.

Item 5: is the class of operation. There are three that may apply. Check only one.

B. 1 or 2 person non-club group portable. Note that portable means NOT using your normal QTH. This is if you set up a temporary station away from home. If two hams participate, be sure to list the second call sign.

D. Home station on commercial power. This is simply going to your normal station and operating, usually with a power supply plugged into normal power.

E. Home station on emergency power. This is your normal station, but instead of using a power supply that is plugged in you use, essentially, anything else. This could be batteries, solar, wind, a generator, or even power from you vehicle.

Item 6: check any, and only, the power sources you use during Field Day.

Item 7: ARRL/RAC Section. We are in Orange section, abbreviated ORG.

Additional information and all the forms can be found on the ARRL Field Day page. If you have additional questions bring them up during the weekly net, or use the contact form to ask. Also, if you need paper copies of the form or Field Day package, let us know on the weekly net and we can mail them out to you.